Despite how I’d like it to work, Bed and Breakfasts certainly do NOT serve you breakfast in bed.   You have to go all the way into the kitchen first.

Anyhow, a full day awaited!  First, the market!  On the way, we found an interesting street name…


Even with this awesome comedy-central-esqe distraction, we managed to keep moving to the Farmer’s market, which was founded by some asshole, apparently – they have a statue insulting him in French! (“Conard”)


The market was full, vibrant, and most importantly, had copious amounts of free samples. I had a feeling someone was following me, but when I tried to take a picture, The Shadow simply blended into the crowd.


A helpful stranger tried to tell me where they had seen The Shadow go, but  I had no way to cross the water! Not yet, anyways…


Luckily, I found a means of transportation.


But getting to the other side is always fraught with danger! Savage animals lay in wait!


It wasn’t all savage beasts though.  Look, I found SCIENCE too!

There was also a vortex area where you were forced to fight an infinite number of yourself!


I narrowly made an escape to safety.


Then it rained.  And rained.  And rained.

Tomorrow: Fog!