…Who put the blog in the blogorama ding-dong… Ooo, waaaaaoooooo, yeah! All right, I’ve had my jollies. And that doesn’t mean masturbating, in case you were wondering. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Weapon of Choice, stick-style:
This is for fatboy slim fans. And possibly you too. Heh. If you’ve even seen the "Weapon of choice" music video, where Christopher Walken dances around in a hotel lobby, then you’ll enjoy this.

Rube Goldberg devices+ car engineers = insane commercial:
See the commercial

Read the article
. 606 takes!

AIR monitors!
is very cool. I always wondered when holodecks would start to appear.

The 80′s and early child development do not mix well
[EDIT: None of these links are valid anymore, sorry!]
Great site! Anyone who is a child of the 80′s will understand all too well that the reason we’re as crazy as we are is due in large part to the commercials we were exposed to during the decade of big hair. Some of my favourites from the site follow the first link.

Oh my lord.. child pornography? On TV?!

I LOVE these guys! I even had one of those bendy plastic toys of the one with the sunglasses once.
California Raisins!!!!!!

This was the scariest thing on television. Bar none.
Nightmare Twizzler mouth

And on the 9th day, the lord created IRC.. and it was good.
This is funny if you’ve ever used IRC before. If not, well it’s still funny, but to explain it’s basically a medium for chatting, with a tremendous amount of channels that people join to talk in. Of course, the convo is usually not at a very high level. Which makes writing bible stories in IRC-verse all the more entertaining. http://twc.sshunet.nl/~djstronk/ircbible/pages/archive.html

Bored of working? Become a pilot!
Fun times! Ever wanted to be a snowbird, flying up in the sky with your wingmen? Sorry, wingPERSONS. Doesn’t have the same ring to it though, does it? Patience, takes a little time to load.

Drugs are bad, mmkay? (Especially for artists)
Here’s an effective way to keep people away from drugs:
1. Get an artist.
2. Pump said artist up with LSD.
3. Make artist draw continuously.
4. Results

Annnnnd here’s a stupid laugh-at-people-getting-hurt clip. He almost makes it, doesn’t he?