A chill last day to round off the trip.  Just because I obviously have not had enough of buses, I decided that it would be a really great idea to spend the majority of the day on one for one, last, day.  By now, my ass must be square, and slightly dipping towards the back.

No worries.  Hop on/Hop off is a proud tradition in many cities and takes way too long to say aloud and has the strange property of being unable to be shortened in any understandable form.  It is also a service in Sydney/Bondi that has a very long loop which makes it hard to actually hop off at more than a couple of places because otherwise you’ll miss the last hoppy bus back.

We made it to Bondi beach.  Which seemed to have frozen over sometime in the afternoon.  Yeah, its round and pretty.  But in comparison to some of the places I’ve already been on this trip… it just can’t measure up.  Best thing out of Bondi: I finally found a pair of boarders that were less than $80.  And they have spaceships on them.  Word.

The final dinner in Bondi was some of the best Indian food I have ever tasted.  A some point during the meal I had to just stop for a second because my tongue and brain couldn’t handle the flavor overload.  It was like wham! Wham! Wham! Holy shit!

The best part about dinner was that it was overlooking Darling Harbour, which is just effing darling.  Its a slick little spit of water that is big enough to call a harbour but small enough so that it doesn’t smell like there’s a fish rotting somewhere.  And it doesn’t hurt that the whole damn thing is surrounded by hotels and restaurants and an aquarium and the biggest IMAX screen in the world (and no one wanted to go see the new Star Trek on that screen with me!).

Yes yes, everything is wonderful. And now for some complaining.

Hotel Internet
You know, for a Marriott the internet service really does blow quite a bit.  I’m not sure what was up with my specific pc but every time I tried to access the default sign up page I got cryptic messages.  The tech support was generally useless too, and the first one I talked to had to put my on hold six times because he kept asking his supervisor answers to my questions that he wasn’t understanding anyways. OK, vent over.  But seriously.  Internet is so backwards in that country, they don’t treat it as a right, its a privilege that needs to be charged very high amounts for.  Get a clue, free internet is good for business because people can find out about you when they are in the city and searching!

Hotel Phone
Should have f***ing read the fine print more.  I thought that if I used a calling card then I wouldn’t get charged for calls.  Nope! $1.25 every time that I lifted the phone.  Fuck you, you cheap pieces of s***.  Its a stupid PHONE. We are in 2009! Why do you charge for something that’s ubiquitous anyways?!  Oh, and I also realized that $0.50 (pay phone price) only lasts a grand total of 1 minute for a local phone call.  I don’t understand how anyone could stand this for any length of time.  OK, next!

Vacation Over
Its been a month but it feels like years.  Its horrible to say but I have a little trouble remembering what I did in the first two weeks until I look at the pictures on my camera.  Or re-read these posts! Thank goodness for this :).  But the trip is over and so is the tour.  That’s something to complain about.  Next post: Danny reviews Australia!