Or, how I learned not to try to surf ever again!

But before we get to that, a detour to the Carrumbin wildlife sanctuary!  Where you can “Get Closer” to a bunch of Aussie animals.  But don’t fucking feed the Dingoes!  Sorry, ongoing joke there. 

After spending 3 hours sleeping, what’s the best way to spend some time?  Why, walking around a gigantic compound full of animals!  Actually the first part was kind of cool – they started to feed these birds whose name I didn’t catch and there were probably about a hundred of them screeching and fighting with each other over… spilt milk.  Or that’s my best guess at what they were feeding them anyways.  I got a sick picture of one using my head as a perch.

Nothing too much else of interest there…  there was a giagantic saltwater crocodile in a very tiny pool though.  He had an electric fence.

On the way to surf camp we stopped at Byron, another surf town like Noosa, but this one seems to have kept its village-y feel much more.  Apparently there’s not one traffic light in the city, all roundabouts.  Maybe the secret to friendliness is not to make anyone ever have to stop in their car?  Anyhoo.  On to surf camp.

Arrawarra or something is a camp dedicated to surfing… and surfers run it.  So it has a bit of a stoner thing going on.  After a night by the campfire we got up with the morning dew and a little bit of sun for some surfing.  Oh boy! If I like it I can quit my job and go live in California and surf all day and rob banks like Patrick Swayze!

Looks like I won’t be quitting my job anytime soon…

I mean, it doesn’t look hard.  But holy fuck.  I could not stand up on the board.  I got everything else down pretty much, but my center of gravity feels abnormally high – I think its in my nose.  So getting out  from the crouch just put me overboard every time.  Not to mention how exhausting it is to be constantly under a barrage of waves – just so you know, they never stop coming.  SO even if you want to take a little rest you’re not really resting until you get tossed onto the beach.  Which, by the way, hurts too.

I didn’t like it very much, but almost everyone else did.  No big deal though… now I know another sport that I will never spend anymore time on.  Another example is cricket.  Fucking boring ass game.

So Danny ain’t a surfer.  Awww.  I don’t think I like the sea very much in general either.  That sailing trip was cool but I don’t think I’d go back anytime soon.  And lots of things in the water here can kill you… very severely.  Like a jellyfish can enter your mouth and choke you to death as it stings your esophagus.  Just use your imagination and it can probably happen.

Next! The very last full day of the Contiki trip (awwwwww!)