I think I need an entire post just to describe this place.  But its a little out of chronological order from the surrounding posts, so you’ll just have to take it as it is.  OK herewego.

Draculas is a cabaret restaurant in the GC that we had the option of signing up for – and it was superb.  The theme of course is vampires and goth and etc etc etc that even remotely looks like it might have to do with anything like that.

We enter with a small group at a time and we’re greeted right away by a cryptmaster-type guy who looks like an intelligent Igor, and then you get to the common area that has one of the coolest bars I’ve ever seen…  the walls have these animatronic half-torsos chained up and they jerk and look around at you while you drink.

But the next part is probably unique in the world – a ghost train ride is what actually takes you to the the ampitheatre eating area!  Stuff pops out at you, air blows at your face (ahhh my hair!) and someone comes out of the shadows to slap your cart while you’re looking the other way.  The best part is that they film it all and then show it to the crowd during intermission so everyone can watch you scream like a little girl.

The food was really great – my veggie dish was served in a ceramic human skull floating in green “brains” (blended peas).  And they make a whole bunch of different cocktails with scary names and taste pretty good, even if they are $14 or more each… you just gotta try one :).

The play itself was fun, but it didn’t really have a overall story like they promised (“Vampirates”).  It was also opening night so there were a lot of bugs that they have to work out – for instance the floating singing mermaid had her crotch zipper get stuck open, so she was hanging there with a fairly large hole in front of her crotch while she was singing.  All I have to say about that is how impressed I was with her ability to go on with her performance with that… what a trooper.

There were some really cool special effect, including a swimming pool and a giant screen of lights flashing a light show while they sang, danced and insulted the audience with jokes.  It was a lot of fun.  Meanwhile the “Vampirettes” or waitresses went around the theatre yelling insults at the customers and at each other from across the room, staying in character the whole time.  Really cool place :).