Legend has it – students graduating all over Australia go through a rite of passage for a week at the Gold Coast, paying twice the normal price on everything and trashing everything in sight, including their bodies.  This phenomenon is so well known and so overwhelming that the actual school years for the different provinces in Australia have been conspicuously staggered to end at different times to compensate.  Good on ‘em!

We hit the GC at full steam after going through Brisbane for a couple of hours.  Interesting story (ok maybe not) – my terrible Radialpoint “watch” that I’ve been using as a timekeeper for most of the trip, and has also been a delightful source of mockery from my peers,  took a nosedive on a Brisbane major motorway and disintegrated right on the road.  I managed to get most of the pieces before the light changed back to green but I’m afraid that the battery cover is lost forever.  Consequently in addition to the random time resetting when I drop it, the battery now falls out too!  I mean its not like time is important or anything.  End of side story.

So back to the GC… this was actually the first and only day “of rest” that I’ve gotten on the trip so far… In fact, I managed to sleep in and get up at 9:30 am!  Victory trumpets were going off in my mind when I looked out the window and realized that the sun was already up.  Mind blowing.

Spent a lazy day on the beach and eating some Indian food for lunch saving my strength… for the night.  Which was probably the best party night of the trip so far.  We went to this stupidly overpriced club called Melbas ($9 beers hooray!).  Just to give you an idea – they stamp your wrist when you enter the bar.  I had to get restamped 3 times because my dance sweat kept dissolving it.  The students in that bar had never seen the likes of my “unique” Montreal stylings, and consequently, I owned the place.  I got throngs… throngs of dance floor people copying my moves.  They had these little elevated platforms – I felt like a dance aerobics instructor.

As amazing as that night was, the next morning we had to get up at 6 and we left at 3… suffice it to say the next day was zombie bus central.  We left the Gold Coast all feeling like shit… and loved it.