I dunno, I feel like I finally accomplished something this weeked.

I’ve been going through my daunting list of things to do slowly but surely, and yes – I’ve been getting things done, but the big elephant in the room was the simple fact that I had no way to carry things on my trip. I mean, I could have shown up in Australia with all my shit in a garbage bag, but I hear that the sanitation department is pretty good over there, and I don’t want to turn my back for a second and have a couple of surley Australians throw my shit in the back of their truck.

SO: I got a cool little bag!

But that’s not all. I’m bringing sexy back.

My 100% Canadian-made Tilley hat is hella-sweet, AND its made of hemp. What’s your hat made of? Oh, that’s right – you don’t even wear a hat! You don’t think its cool.. you think hats should be relegated to people from the 1920′s who had nothing better to do with their heads than put them in silly protective covers. Well, maybe I don’t have anything better to do with mine either. Plus its comfy and blocks out the sun. Which I hear they have in Australia. In fact I hear they have several, or at least it feels that way most of the time. I’ll find out soon myself… in style.