Or, barring that, at the very least one might have a fully-fledged map of the country on the kitchen wall.

I don’t actually have a map as nice as the one I saw at the house party I went to last night, but it was really great to visualize the path I’m going to be taking in about a month down under!

Hell yes – Australia here I come! Leaving for about a month to see lots and lots of red dirt, and maybe a little (a lot) of the coastline. But I’m not done… this post ALSO marks the first true return I’ve done to this blog in over three years. In that time much has happened… and was promptly forgotten. Honestly, who remembers these things?

I’m very interested, once again, in keeping some sort of travel blog going while I’m there. The first time I tried this, while absolutely amazing fun, was a masochistic exercise in how much frustration with:

  • Slow internet cafés!
  • Expensive internet cafés!
  • Crappy french keyboards that make no sense in internet cafés!
  • Horrible blog software!
  • Terrible picture formatting!
  • Dismal blog site speed!

…I could take before killing my travelling partner just to vent.

Well, the plan this time is supposed to work better.. but the greater plans of greater men have fallen short before. It is an attempt to recreate something I’ve always loved to do when going on a trip – share it with everyone that I know!

We shall see :). And in the meantime, holy fucking shit! Australia!