So the whole Ireland blog thing didn’t quite work out as well as I planned. Thing is, it’s damn hard to not only write the content, but deal with the happiness that is file uploading and security access ever-present in the hard-to-find internet caf├ęs that are scattered in the towns during your trip. So I said fuck it, and went out drinking instead.

I’m trying out a new theme, because I think the old one is starting to look very dated, and I feel like a fresh start. Something I’m trying out here is called Orange something, which I nabbed from the wordpress site :). I’m hunting down and shooting the girlieness out of it as we speak… it may make an appearance here soon!

Or maybe I’ll just do what I always do and take the lazy way out! Therefore, nothing will change. Ahh.. its good to be back!

I also updated the WP backend – which, magically, now gives my site never-before-seen RSS powers. Eat it.