Yes, a very slow few weeks.  I’ve basically haven’t left the house much in the past month, due to my recent unemployment (of my own making!).  Don’t you worry, everything’s under control.. but it’s been too damn fucking HOT to pass time in front of the computer screen tapping on keys with the sticky sweat building up under my palms and across my shirtless torso (‘Sex-Y!’).

Instead of a huge update, however, a link instead.  Better for you I think, it’ll help with your digestion.

Google maps has now come out with a satellite/street-name hybrid, so you can now see the street names superimposed on the actual satellite maps!  It’s so simple and user-friendly, I can’t see how we got along without it up to now.  The future of ‘getting there‘ is now!

A familiar Montreal landmark (and constant reminder of a financial burden we’re still paying for…)

Oh hell.  Here’s another one for ya – I laughed my knickerboxers off at this one!  You have to appreciate this kind of humour though.. I for one, can’t get enough of the pie-loving, egg-shaped duo.  If you like, click around for more, there’s plenty!

Weebl and Bob’s "Joust 2"

OH HELL.  WHY NOT?!  Number 3!  A shameless bit of promotion between friends never hurts!

My roommate is currently working very hard on designing and implementing a modern-concept dating site.  It’s not simply who you’re looking for, it’s the qualities that you’re looking for.  Two people sharing the same looked-for quality?  We may have a match!  It’s free, it’s new, it’s free and it’s not only for people looking ot get lucky – it’s fun just to be a part of something new and give feedback to help the growth of the noobies on the block.

The Dating Guy is ready to hook you up with a significant other!  A new version of their site just launched yesterday!

That’s all!  It’s cooling down these days, so I’ll probably be around more often, unless I check my list twice and find appropriate places to get rid of all these lumps of coal I have lying around first.