Seeing how I should be studying right now, and I’ll be attempting to do so for the next few days, I’ll leave you with the following link-goodness.  These are cool.  You should checkemout.

Visual Poetry
Kinda fun – you type in a sentence, and the page displays what the sentence would look like if the words were pictures (a la Google Images)

Just let me go get my depleted uranium railgun…
A truly brilliant ad campaign

Go ahead.. FLIP OUT!
Congrats, you are now a NINJA!

Forget the game – I’m just gonna chill to these fresh tunes
Simple game, but gets harder.  Grab all the black squares with your own, and avoid the red ones.  Grab black circles for powerups when you can, and watch out – all that square consumption puts on the pounds.  My record: 88 squares!

This mercifully has nothing to do with the Chinese new year…
Sick, disturbing, but inexplicably charming: "My Year with the dragon".

But – Can it make julienne fries?
Oh sure, the sun is reeeeeal harmless.

Not Picture Books, but Book Pictures!
Very cool – uses Amazon’s search engine to get book covers that it then arranges into the word that you searched for!  Naturally, I went with toilet humor.

It’s sorta like a reaction… that’s chained… together… type-thing.
Unless you’re a super-genius, you’ll just have to click randomly inside like the rest of us and hope for the best.  It’s still hypnotizing to watch, though.  My record: 1122!

Not quite the Ice Hotel
But still, very very impressive.  This guy up in Alaska has taken a pipe, placed it vertically, and pumped water out the top through his sprinkler devices.  The result: a slowly-growing tower of ice around the pipe.  Every time the ice grows to the height of the pipe, he adds another 10 feet.  If you have about 20-30 minutes, his account of the whole story is a really great read, if you don’t mind the odd political rambling.  If not, just look at the pwetty pictures and gasp in awe as he uses his tower to practice his ice-climbing and crossbow-firing.

Honda Revisited
In another homage to Rube Goldberg devices, these bored college students decided to build "The Contraption" which works in a "this hits that which triggers the other which burns through that… etc." kind of way.  It’s a snazzy vid, anyways!  The students also mention their inspiration – a Honda commercial – which I mentioned a while ago.